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Verse Memory: The best Bible Verse Memorization application for Palm OS! 1.04

Verse Memory: The best Bible Verse Memorization application for Palm OS! 1.04

Verse Memory: The best Bible Verse Memorization application for Palm OS! Publisher's Description


   Verse Memory is the most powerful and feature rich bible verse memorization application for Palm OS with many features that set it apart from other scripture memory software apps.


  • The Record/Stop/Play/Stop/Delete buttons allow you to record yourself reading any verse and then play the verse back in a loop as you learn. It stores the audio segment as a .wav file on your SD card under the name of the verse reference you created. After a recording is made for a verse or other data, you can tap play and it will play over and over in a loop. You can adjust the loop delay (if you want it to pause for the length of the sound file so you have time to repeat it between each playback, for example, or if you don't want any delay) and recording/playback quality among other things from the Preferences screen.
  • Add/Edit/Delete bible verses with ease
  • Compatibility with 6 popular Palm bible software programs! You can jump to your Palm bible from within the verse program and then copy new verses and paste them into your personalized verse database
  • Set/Show Verse of the day feature
  • Verse of the day alarm feature will let you set a reminder to display your verse of the day in X hours/mins, etc.
  • Verse of the Day Alarm popup integration with your Palm and auto next reminder on dismissal or GoTo option
  • Custom categories allow you to use the Verse Memory program for anything you need to memorize (not limited to bible verses). You can make a category called Muscles and use it to memorize your Anatomy and Physiology or another category for Spanish definitions, etc, and then use the Verse of the day feature as a word of the day, for example.
  • Game feature tests your knowledge of the verses you've added by quizing you with all the verses in the category you've selected. The game will give you a verse and ask you (multiple choice) what reference the verse is (or if you used definitions or something else it would give you a definition and ask you what word it represented) and then keep your score as you progress in a random order throughout the verses in the category you selected.
  • You can edit categories along with all the verse data anytime which allows you to move a verse from "To Do" to "Memorized", for example.
  • Test feature will test your knowledge of a verse or other data you entered by giving you the reference name and asking you to enter the first letter of each word that the reference represents.
  • Practiced/Count feature keeps track of how many times you've practiced each particular verse and sorts the main verse list starting with the least practiced verse in each category
  • Filter features allows you to filter the verses in each category list simply by entering a letter
  • Global Find compatibility will search your verse database for anything you search for with the Palm global find feature. Also, if the Verse Memory program is open and you do a Global Find, it will search your Verse Memory database first. Anytime a Global Find string matches any string in your verse database it will be displayed and you can simply tap on the verse and it will jump to the Verse Memory program and display that verse. This gives you complete search capabilities so you can find all the verses in your database that match "love", for instance.
  • The Bible link on the menu allows you to jump to one of the major bible programs you have on your Palm. Then you can easily find a verse and copy it, return to the Verse Memory app, and paste the verse into the program!
  • Partial fiveway navigator functionality
  • Built in Treo 600 and Treo 650 signal strength monitor
  • Built in batter life monitor
  • Preferences screen for advanced settings like verse of the day alarm preset, recording/playback quality and volume, default audio folder to use, repeat delay time and which bible program to use.


   Download a the Bible to your Palm to make it easier to add bible verses to your "Verse Memory" program. You can find free and shareware bible programs at or I use OliveTree's BibleReader program on my Treo 650. The BibleReader program is free and OliveTree charges from some translations, like the NIV, while others, like the MKJV and ASV (along with a ton or notes and concordances) are free. The Verse Memory program is compatible with both bible applications!


1.04 - Recording an playback now available with or without an SD card! Added memory display and quality setting calculations. Updated interface. Now compatible with 6 different bible programs! Fixed graphics error on Verse of the Day Alarm trigger. Fixed scroll error on main verse list screen

1.03 - Fixed launch error

1.02 - Added audio recording and playback features if an SD card is present and the device supports audio features. Set practice count to zero for newly added verses. Packed necessary audio plugins into verseMemory.prc for auto install when the program is launched.

1.01 - Fixed Invalid Parameter error on Test screen

A note from the Author:

   The goal of this software is to help owners of handheld computers utilize the power and functionality of their devices to help them grow spiritually. I saw a need in myself to learn more scripture and I recognize that, while my handheld computer is great at helping me keep up with my life, it has the potential to help me grow in many more important ways. Just in the course of writing this software I have already memorized many more verses, and with little effort, than I would have thought possible. There are many ways to memorize scripture, but I find the most daunting obstacle to be discipline. The alarm system, coupled with the Verse of the Day feature, has helped me overcome this barrier. I hope the software will help you in some way to reach your goals in scripture memory and to help you increase in wisdom and love.
   I want this software to be easy for you to understand and use while offering you complex features that really aid you in your quest to learn scripture. If you find any bugs or issues with the software, please let me know by sending me an email to Also, if there is something you think might help you or someone else learn scripture more easily or grow in some other way, please let me know that as well. I'll customize the program as much as possible to be sure it serves our purpose of turning our handheld computers into tools for learning and spiritual growth.
I look forward to your feedback! Have a wonderful day and God bless!


   For most people with handheld computers, $10 is not a lot of money. But for some people, including myself, it can be. If you would really like to use the program but simply cannot afford it right now, write me an email explaining your situation. I don't want money to stop anyone from being able to grow with this program. I do, however, need to make a living somehow, and I'd like to be able to do it while working on my passion... software that helps myself and others grow closer to God. If you like the application, please register. :)

Thank you for trying Verse Memory!

Let me know if there's anything I can do to improve it for you!

God bless!


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